Monday, 27 July 2015

How well do you know yourself?

Well enough mostly, I’ll give you that much; but what you know of yourself is what you’ve been like in a particular set of circumstances, a comfortable social sphere, a niche you’ve just been born into. 

Who are you, sans all your relations, sans your school competition certificates, sans your name or surname? You’re still a person, an individual who can do pretty much the same things the other one can, but this time, there will be a difference. When facing the unknown, the new, and the prospect of being whichever way you want in front of people who have no idea of what you were born into or what you were like, how would you re-invent yourself? 

This can only be found out through travel. During the Lewis-Clarke exhibition through the river Missouri, the explorers survived on tallow candles for lack of food. I bet they never imagined they could do that. It’s the same with you. We think we can imagine, we think we can create realistic scenarios and situations and know exactly how we’d react, but that is, unfortunately, not the case. When we travel, when we have to constantly pick one thing over another, we realize what we truly want. We then know what our priorities are; we then know how far we’d be willing to go to reach that summit. We know how painful any regret can be, how exhilarating any and each success. We know us with strangers, with acquaintances, with friends and with ourselves. Most of all, we realize how significant and insignificant each step of ours can be, we know aim, purpose and execution, we know hope and we know we’re just a speck to the world but each speck is a world of its own.