Thursday, 22 October 2015

10 Reasons Why a Ski Vacation is a Great Idea

1.     The endless Alps covered with sheets of the purest snow make for a welcome change from the dust, smoke and pollution found in the streets of Mumbai.
2.     You can finally reach for those chic, warm jackets stored in the back of your cupboard and feel cozy and look amazing!
3.     You get to learn a new sport which is always a fantastic way to spend your time; and if you love to ski already, you can brush up on those rad skills.
4.     Swiss chocolates. Need I say more?
5.     Skiing is actually very healthy for an individual since it helps tone your muscles, improve coordination and blood circulation.
6.     Interacting with the locals is a brilliant way to get introduced to a new culture and different ways of living.
7.     Up to 200 bird species call the Swiss Alps their home and spotting anyone of the beautiful creatures is a delight unmatched. 
8.     Fond of literature? Heidi was set in Switzerland you know. Experience the beauty Johanna Spyri described first-hand and find out if the praise is well deserved.
9.     Bread and Cheese for dinner doesn’t sound too bad when the cheese is fresh from a farmer’s land and coveted by people all over the world.
10.                         …..
We’ll leave the tenth point blank for now. Come to the Alps with us and we know you’ll have a point of your own to add. Till then, get packing.