Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ski Right!

Like any sport, skiing requires a few rules to be gotten right before one can hit the slope. These rules are simple enough and even easier to remember once demonstrated by your skiing guide. Meanwhile; we’re here with some safety tips like the mother hens we are: 

Find your Balance: Most of your weight should be evenly distributed between the heel and arch of your foot. 
Start gently: Practice the position your hands and feet are supposed to be in before going a few feet up a gentle slope and trying it out. 
Speed: While the idea of rushing down the slope sounds fabulous, it isn’t a good idea till you’re sure of your control.  
Always look a few feet ahead instead of down at your feet for that can be dizzying and disorienting. 
Finally, don’t be afraid. Give yourself time and don’t get bogged down by what and how others are doing. Find your own pace and stay confident.